Dyegirls Designs
Dyegirls Designs
Dyegirls Designs, Dyegirls Designs makes original and creative hand dyed tie dye items for the whole family. This will be our 10th summer vending arts and music festivals and we were one of the Point Reggae vendors last year! We loved it so much and are looking forward to this year's festival! Live free and wear tie dye!, Creative hand-dyed shirts for men, women, children. Also skirts, dresses, baby clothes, tank tops, shorts, socks, masks, scarves, underwear, headbands, tapestries, towels and more. We specialize in rasta colors designs, as well! We also make hand-painted wooden earrings, macrame hemp cord bracelets, buttons and stickers.
Thomas Point Beach & Campground

Additional Vendors

Live Artists

Nattali Rize, Point Reggae, June 24th & 25th


Exco Levi, Point Reggae, June 24th & 25th


Mighty Mystic, Point Reggae June 24th & 25th, 2022


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